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Colo-products include electricity supply and air-conditioning as well as 24 hour access of our business products.

Colo Business Cage

Separate cage area in data center

Colo Business Footprint

Cabinet space 600 - 800 x 800 - 1200 mm

Colo Business Rack

1/1 Cabinet, 42 Units or 47 Units

Colo Business Start

1/4 Cabinet, 11 Units or 1/2 Cabinet, 22 Units

Colo Rack Space

1 or 4 Units in Cabinet for your server

Power Connect 230 VAC / -48 VDC

230V alternating/ -48V direct current


IP Connection Ports

Sereval high-quality carriers, partners and customers deliver their services to you in CarrierColo.
We can support and help you in finding the optimal partners or local carriers for your demand!

Business Connect 10G LX/SX

10000 MBit/s, 10GBaseLX/SX

Business Connect 1G LX/SX

1000 MBit/s, 1000BaseLX/SX

Business Connect 100M T/FX

100 MBit/s, 100BaseT/FX

Business Connect 10M T

10 MBit/s, 10BaseT

Port Business 2M Serial

2 MBit/s, serial G703/X.21



Billing according to volume or flat-rate.

IP TrafficVario

Traffic billing according to volume

IP BandwidthVario

Bandwidth billing according to usage

IP BandwidthFlat

Flat-rate agreement at fixed rates


Leased Line/Radio Link

Access to the most cost effective connection is always assured due to a variety of carriers and radio link capability.

LL LeasedLine

Fiber glass or copper lines

RL RadioLink

Radio link connections

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