• Faster market entry in eastern Europe
    From our location you will be positioned at a strategic transfer point.

  • Open policy / no carrier restrictions
    You can choose between different glass fiber and IP carriers (look at Carrier).

  • The networks of our affiliates
    Immediate access to VPNs,IP, voice and optical glass fiber networks

  • The services of our affiliates
    The CarrierColo colocation functions as an exchange and is a central access point to high-quality services, including those of our affiliates e.g. managed ASP services and direct access to several thousand square meters of colocation space.

  • Reliability
    Our location meets the most stringent requirements for electricity supply, access and operating security.

  • Economic efficiency
    Fair prices lower your costs.

  • Flexibility & quality
    Our packages enables you to rent small units and take advantage of our high quality service.

  • Cost effectiveness
    Profit from synergy with affiliates and clients. We'll also show you how you can take advantage of the "human network" to expand your business.

  • Complete system access
    Users of our business products who manage and maintain their equipment themselves receive access rights. Services such as managed hosting and system monitoring are also available from our partner I/P/B/.

  • Pleasant working atmosphere
    In the service, a desk, telephone, important tools and Internet access (including wireless access) are all available for your use.

  • Remote hands
    Our highly qualified staff are at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.